Heaven Sent Food & Fiber

Feeding your Family and Your Fingers

Our Animals

We raise all our animals on mixed grass pasture with access to supplemental minerals to insure that all they have all the right nutrients. They have fresh water and are moved between pastures regularly to reduce parasite loads.

Nubian Dairy Goats - We have a mixed herd of registered and non-registered goats bred for good udder attachment and easy and heavy milk production. We use this raw milk to make our hand-crafted soap, make soft cheese for our families and fresh milk to drink. We like the goat milk for drinking and Jersey milk for hard cheeses.

Our Jerseys give us some of the best meat around. Our "Butcher's Choice" meat is just that! Our butcher tells us that his customers sell their Angus at the sale barn then come to him for their Jersey steaks, for flavor. It has to be the wonderful milk fat in their momma's milk, or perhaps its the fact that they eat a larger variety of forage than other cow breeds.