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About HSFF

In 2009 we moved to our 60-acre farm near Tahlequah, OK, from our urban 3 acre market garden in Texas. Since coming to Oklahoma we have added large livestock and meat sales, yarns, fiber and soaps to our product list. We also sell seasonal vegetables, fruit, honey, transplants and herbs. In the last few years we have been experimenting hulless oats, barley, hard red winter wheat and other grains, making us a "full-diet" farm.  
Stewards of the Land
We believe that all good food and agricultural products begin with good soil. The mineral content and fertility of the soil are the basis of all that we do. Building organic matter and supporting bio-diversity we rotate stock and pasture use, amend soils to replace lost nutrients and increase resilience of the soil's "pro-biotic" microbes.
To reduce the effects of drought and extreme weather we often get here in Oklahoma, we use cover crops, compost, drip irrigation and plastic culture increasing yields while supporting pollinator and earthworm populations.

We believe that happy plants and animals produce the best food and fiber. Maintaining a stress-free environment with multi-species rotational grazing improves health, keeps animals and people from being injured and makes the farm a working sanctuary that feeds body and soul.