Animals for Sale or Servicing

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Registered  & Unregistered Nubian Dairy Goats:​

Champion lines
Servicing from our excellent Buck
1 to 5 does $50 each
6 to 20 does $30 each
over 20 does $20 each​
Does, doelings & bucklings - varies. 
Contact us for more info on available goats.


Dora 72.jpg

​We have fiber sheep for sale!

    We are reducing our flock to a more managable size. All are fine to superfine fleeces except one ewe who is medium to fine.     


1 Ram-$250

    2 wethers-$150 each    

    4 ewes-$150 each


          Call or E-mail for more             information

Colada 10.jpg

         Dora                      Colada
           Raven                   Curls

Curls 15.jpg

Raven 53.jpg

   Winston                       Jasper               Jr.            



Image coming soon

​Servicing by Award Winning Huacaya Alpaca - $150

​Ducks -​contact us for availability and price.


​​Butcher goats -​contact us for availability and price.


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