" The fleece that I received from Heaven Sent Food & Fiber was simply that -- Heaven sent.  The sheep was not just coated, which was extremely desirable itself. The fleece was also skirted twice, so that every bit of the raw wool I received was perfectly clean and beautiful! The fleece I bought was a lovely taupe color, uniform in color and tightly crimpy.  Out of curiosity, I may get a SEM view of the fibers to measure the micron, but my somewhat practiced (though not calibrated eye) guesses that this fiber is about 17-18 micron -- plenty worthy to be blended with our own fine alpaca fiber.  And, I would be remiss if I did not mention the exceptional service provided.  I would recommend them time and time again, as long as I can still secure my own fleece purchase! :) "


Mary Livingston


Autumn Sun Alpacas
Monument, CO
“I've worked several times throughout the past ten years with both raw and commercially processed Merino wool.  I am thrilled to have found Coleen and her flock of gorgeous Merino sheep!  Everything from such incredibly clean fiber to tips on economically washing your own Merino to her personal customer service has been outstanding.  After purchasing two of her fleeces for my spinning study group, I ordered two more for my fiber business.  Coleen educated me on how to choose particular fleeces for my intended purposes."
Give her the product of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.  Proverbs 31: 31​​ 

Peggy Doney

The 100th Sheep, LLC
Colorado Springs
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Kathleen Bruce


"I have used Coleen's Merino, washed it lock by lock, and then spun fine singles to use as a lace weight yarn for a special family heirloom. This is the nicest Merino I have ever worked with, and it's a dream to spin and to take from lock to shawl.... So clean and just perfect."


"I'm finding that working with you is just a plain awesome experience! Thank you for your attention to detail and wanting to meet the fleece to the spinner's needs.  What a refreshing experience this has been.  I'm also looking forward to our continued business in the future."


Heidi Bates​

Andy Albert


"I Got Ginger's fleece today... HOW LOVELY!!!! I absolutely love it! Thank you so very much! It is GORGEOUS.  E​ven better than the photo!"
"Truly exquisite fleece! Well worth the wait. I am certain I will be wanting more in the future!"
"Just wanted to mention I used your washing method to wash Annie"s fleece yesterday and it worked like a charm! Although I so admire the beauty of the fleece laying there all in order just as it came off the animal, and love the smell and feel of the lanolin. I never would have guessed it was dirty at all till I saw the first wash water. But again, your method was great, the coolers and strainer...Worked great! Just curious, what does the alcohol do? Thanks Carol
P.S. cant wait to spin some now...."
Answer:  The Alcohol cuts the suint (oils from the sheep sweat that hold the dirt in.) Glad your having fun with it! -Coleen  ​




​Cosmopolis, WA

Hello! I just received my package with 4 skeins of chameleon yarn that I ordered a few days ago, and the color change is magical. I just wanted you to know, in addition to the fact that I'm thrilled with the yarn, that I am indeed placing a second order for two more skeins to ensure that I can make items for my kids (who HAVE to have something out of this cool yarn) and finish the project I originally had in mind. I can't wait to start using this wonderful fiber! Sincerely, Morna Gonsoulin



Morna    Gonsoulin

Houston, TX